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Usability/User Experience Research Engineer (Global Human Factors) –
The Usability Engineer/UX Researcher is responsible for planning, preparation, execution, analysis, documentation and reporting results of User Research in a variety of vehicle infotainment domains. Collecting Voice of the Customer data is vital to the design of our new products, and the Usability Engineer plays a key role to ensure that the Human Factors needs of our customers will be met.
Specific Tasks:
• Work with internal customers to understand human factors / usability research goals and objectives.
• Develop clinic protocols that achieve the goals and objectives of the internal customers
• Work with Global Market Research counterparts when clinic work is online
• Support in the development of clinic properties that realistically represent the system(s) under evaluation
• Moderate clinics and train others to collect the voice of the customer in an unbiased fashion
• Analyze the results of the clinic with statistical and non-statistical methods
• Generate reports that clearly represent the voice of the customer and answers the stated goals and objectives
• Share results of clinic data with your customer as well as various upper management forums
• Translate the customer requirements into functional requirements (generate Loss Functions where appropriate)
• Follow up with project requestor to drive results into the product, as well as support, modify or create new Best Practices
• Research and benchmark competition
• Participate in the Global Usability team meetings weekly
• Continue learning in the Human Factors and Usability fields and share the knowledge within the global team

Typical Day
• Researching HMI (Human Machine Interface)
• Working with interior designers that are creating the next generation of infotainment
• Lead the research cycle for a multitude of projects (Research, Implement, Test, Receive Feedback, Repeat)
• Create reports

Top Three Skills
• Human Factor knowledge (not ergonomics, more interactions) – Minimum three years’ experience
• Experience in HMI infotainment
• Must be an effective communicator (personable). Will be interacting with many teams and leading user based clinics.

Bachelor/Master of Science Engineering discipline (Industrial/Human Factors preferred)
• Graduate degree would be a plus

• Close-knit team (14 people in a larger team of 200)
• Modern team, very collaborative, casual, and energetic

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