Interview: Vito Pampalona of the Yellow Ribbon Fund

Last month we were honored to join Vito Pampalona, the Yellow Ribbon Club and a room full of generous golfers at the Great Oaks Country Club. This is Mr. Pampalona’s 11th Yellow Ribbon Fund golf outing! He was kind enough to give us a friendly interview.

Mr. Pampalona gave us the ins and outs of how the YRF helps wounded veterans. The lengths they go to find help transform them into civilian life since 2003. Vito also talks about his yearly Christmas visit to Veterans in the hospital and a Christmas party in Washington D.C. He does so many things to help the veterans, you will have to watch the whole interview to find out the rest. The NDX family is proud to of been apart of this annual golf outing, and look forward to next years!

Vito Pampalona is veteran of the Vietnam War and has served on the board of directors of the Yellow Ribbon Fund since 2005. Vito has helped raise over $750,000 from his annual golf outing over past years. His Wounded Warrior Program at Colorado Technical University has awarded 500 scholarships in the past 10 years. Vito has also owned Vito Anthony Homes for over 50 years and lives in Rochester, Michigan.

For more information on how you can help wounded veterans

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