Product Engineer – Warren, MI

Engineer 4

Major Job Duties and Responsibilities:
·         Coordinates the design analysis and process
·         Releases advance product components and/or line of products
·         Diagnoses and corrects deficiencies
·         Maintains cost controls
·         Provides technical direction to support personnel
·         Coordinates supportive build programs
·         Coordinates test and/or development programs
·         Coordinates engineering projects with other departments and/or divisions
·         Coordinates with suppliers and/or customers on a regular basis
·         Stays abreast of new technology

Required Skills/Experience:
·         Knowledge in MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint – Intermediate level
·         Knowledge with Lotus Notes or other email communication tool – Intermediate level
·         Strong interpersonal skills involving ability to work effectively cross-functionally and cross-culturally
·         Strong written and oral communication skills necessary for meetings and presentations
·         Ability to work well with others, exhibiting teamwork skills
·         Partners with senior management to analyze and solve issues
·         Ability to multitask by handling diverse assignments concurrently
·         Strong ability to make sketches, engineering drawings and common computations
·         Strong understanding of materials, engineering theory and principles of design
·         Familiarity with basic hand and machine tools
·         Strong ability to use common measurement tools and techniques
·         Position related experience – 7 years
·         Relevant auto industry experience required – Entry level (<1 year)
·         Past Automotive work experience required – Entry level (<1 year)
·         Areas of expertise include: Testing, Design, Analysis

Required Education/Training/Certifications/Licenses
·         Bachelor of Science in Engineering

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