Production Supervisor – Michigan, Missouri, Indiana

Production Supervisor 4

Major Duties and Responsibilities:
• Meets production cost schedule and maintains quality requirements
• Complies with the terms of Local and National Labor agreements
• Implements divisional and corporate policies
• Implements safety and good housekeeping standards
• Frequent contact with others outside the work group
• Trains, develops, and evaluates employees
• Keeps management informed of developments as they occur
• Maintains corporate management control systems (Audit Reports and Information, Time Keeping System, Grievance Systems, etc)
• Maintains department records
• Responsible for effective use of personnel, material and equipment in supporting SPQRC initiatives
• Must support plant in achieving Safety, People, Quality, Responsiveness and Cost goals
• Must be willing to work any assigned shift, work daily, weekend, and holiday overtime as required
• Supports/implements the QS9000/ISO14001/(**S) Global Manufacturing System compliance processes

Required Skills/Experience:
• Minimum of 5years experience
• Demonstrated ability in the areas listed below
• Must complete pre-supervisory assessment program required for proper job preparation
• Leadership interest and abilities required for effective supervision of employees
• Knowledge of manufacturing processes and procedures
• Knowledge of basic math
• Oral and written communication skills
• Understanding of basic technology of area where assigned
• Relatively high level of analytical ability where problems are complex
• Minimum high level of interpersonal skills to work effectively with others, motivate employee and elicit work output
• Experience working in a represented environment
• Knowledge of and ability to insure a safe industrial work environment

Required Education/Training:
• Minimum High School Diploma or GED
Required Conditions:
Suppliers agree that all candidates submitted / matched to this assignment will successfully complete the required Drug Testing and Background Checks prior to the supplier confirming the acceptance of the assignment.

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