Resume Writing Tips for Job Seekers

Your resume is your initial opportunity to make a first impression. With these resume writing tips, you will accomplish that! It provides recruiters and potential employers with an overview of your skills, experience, and education. It is important to be able to organize your credentials in a polished resume format. At NDX, we give you the essential resume writing tips you will need for your future.

Most recruiters and hiring managers spend ten seconds reviewing a resume so you need to make an impression, immediately. The first two-thirds of the first page of your resume is the most valuable real estate. This is where you “market” yourself to stand out!

These are seven steps that will help you prepare an exceptional resume:

1. Use a chronological format – most recent experience first.
2. Provide an electronic version of your resume and use a conventional format (use keywords that are applicable and that easily adapt to applicant tracking systems)
3. Quantify your accomplishments whenever possible, such as “managed a budget of $100,000” or “managed a team of 25 CAD Designers.”
4. Have your resume in several formats such as MS Word format, pdf, and a text file.
Stick to bullet points – not paragraphs!
5. Update your resume often, to include your particular skills that match a particular job opening.
6. Don’t let your resume exceed two pages – be concise.
7. Proof-read, many times, and have someone else “proof” your resume. Many candidates have been passed over due to spelling and grammar errors.

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