Technical Analysts

Major Job Duties and Responsibilities :

·         Given general direction (description of the issue or area to be investigated), obtain blueprints, math data, PDM-s and other graphical information
·         Inspect and compare physical hardware (parts, vehicles, mock up bucks) to graphical information, noting discrepancies and potential root cause (part too big, hole too small, off-center, etc.)
·         Identify data, analysis method and report format required to present and explain an issue, phenomenon or potential solution
·         Plan, schedule and facilitate technical reviews necessary to support the Vehicle Development Process
·         Document technical discussions, action plans and assignments
·         Based on Vehicle Development Process, determine and report status of projects and assignments

Required Skills/Experience:

·         Minimum of at least 3 years experience
·         Ability to create and manipulate electronic databases
·         Ability to identify relevant drawings, layouts and graphic illustrations and use them to investigate issues and potential solutions
·         Understanding of vehicle function, both packaging and dynamic interactions of components in assigned area
·         Ability to take general direction and develop a work plan, including identification and retrieval of necessary information, data and drawings, required analysis method or technique and effective report format
·         Effective communication and presentation skills
·         Understanding of engineering and technical jargon related to automotive

Required Education/Training:
·         Two years of college in a technical area (math, science, engineering, programming, design) or demonstrated ability to perform as defined above or
·         Experience as auto mechanic or technician

Quality Engineers ME’s and EE’s

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