Testimonials | Contract Staffing for Engineers in Metro Detroit

At NDX, we take pride in making sure “It’s ALWAYS about PEOPLE…” We wanted to show that by letting previous clients, candidates, and employees give their testimonials. We have worked with so many amazing individuals and companies over the years, and we will continue to deliver such a high quality service.

“Nice caring staff.  Awesome company that actually cares about the employee.” – Scott R.

“At NDX, it is truly all about the people. I look forward to many more years working together with them!” – Andrew E.

“This company made my job hunting experience a breeze. I moved from Seattle, WA to Charlotte, NC and was in contact with a representative the whole way.” – Joshua J.

“I found the staff to be professional and personable during our initial engagement then continuing forward.” – Dennis N.

“NDX Human Capital Solutions is a great contract services company and great people running this company.” – David L.

“I appreciate my time with NDX and the stress free/professional environment you provided. I’ve talked with some of my co-workers who are contracted through other agencies and from their response, I feel lucky I landed with NDX. Thanks again for giving me the opportunity – without your help, I couldn’t have achieved my goal of a direct hire.” – Ken O.

“I have never, ever, received a mailed written response from ANY recruiter during the many long years that I have been job searching. I believe this is a reflection of your attention to detail and your focused attention to the client and the applicant. Because of your letter, and the content of the letter, I know that I will not be by you or your company. I am very impressed regarding your commitment to communications and taking the time to actually sit down and compose a letter outlining the steps that you have taken, and what yet needs to be done.” – Kurt K.

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