Yellow Ribbon Fund Golf Outing

We would like to thank Vito A. Pampalona, the Yellow Ribbon Fund and Great Oaks Country Club for an amazing day! It is a goal at NDX to give back to those who have served our great country. We look forward to next years YRF annual golf outing!

The Yellow Ribbon Fund is a fantastic charity that helps wounded veterans in so many ways. The YRF provides lodging, transportation, caregiving, and social events to help build their health and confidence. Every year Vito A. Pampalona puts together a wonderful golf outing to help raise money for the brave soldiers that serve our country. This money helps bring service dogs to veterans that need them. In most cases, these dogs are life savers for these veterans.

It was a day of golfing at the Great Oaks Country Club while a night filled with raising money, laughs and good times. Mr. Pampalona did a fine job hosting the auction and showcasing why YRF is important in helping give back to our veterans. It was a wonderful time spent golfing and helping a great cause!

After the golfers settled into the country club, Vito was ready to get the crowd excited about the YRF. Bringing in items like the Dirty Harry gun, original bats from Tigers World Series games, a trip to Vito’s Christmas party and more to auction off. Vito’s Christmas party is a superb tradition that consists of visiting Veterans in the hospital and a Christmas party in Washington D.C! He made it a blast to watch people from all over the room put bids in to help. Vito and the crowd helped raise over $50,000 for the YRF! This will all go to creating a better life for the wounded men and women of are the U.S military.

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